Add A Magnet - You & A Child's Class Could WIN!

That's right - all you have to do is add a magnet to the back of your vehicle and you're ready to roll.  As a Realtor, I'm on the road a LOT - especially in Williamson County, so I'm keeping my eyes open for my logo while I'm around town.  If I spot my logo on your vehicle, then you might be that day's winner.  Limit of one personal winner per day and one school winner per week.  If I get the chance to speak with you when I spot it, GREAT... but sometimes we may be driving down the road and I simply see your vehicle.  For that reason, I'll announce a winner on my business Facebook page, so be sure to like that page (which you can do below) so you'll be connected to those announcements.

  • How do I get a magnet?  Contact me here and I'll send you one   I also usually have some with me so if I see you in person such as at an open house I can give you one in person.  While magnets work on most cars, if yours is made of fiberglass or carbon fiber, you may need to adapt it.
  • How do I win?  If I see my logo on your vehicle and someone hasn't already won for the day, I'll either tell you in person or post it on my FB page where you can claim it by sending me a pic of you and your vehicle (with magnet) within 3 days of my post.
  • How many people win?  One winner per day
  • How many times can I win?  Once per 90 days
  • What do I win?  Usually a lunch gift card, but it may vary with a collection of other treats or prizes.
  • What can a child's class win?  $25 gift card toward supplies or party
  • How else can I win?  Send me a pic of the magnet on your vehicle and I'll pick a winner from those on occasion.  If you want bonus points, have it on a ultra-cool or unique vehicle.
  • How large is the magnet?  Small - only 3.75" and they look awesome on all vehicles from Jeeps to Jags. 

Be sure to LIKE my business page below to stay in touch with winning notices.