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Lottie McCormick

Lottie McCormick

Sr. Vice President
NMLS# 659318

At Legacy Home Loans, LLC, we make getting the home loan you need easy.  We are locally owned, know the local market, and have the experience to structure a loan to meet your specific needs.  Let us show you how to take advantage of some of the lowest interest rages and best loan programs available today.

As many home buyers can attest, sometimes going through the financing portion of home buying can be the toughest part.  Supplying answers to what seems like an endless list of questions, sending documents about everything, etc., and often to someone you don't know and hardly know where they are. 

That's NOT the case with Legacy Lending in Franklin TN.  With Legacy Lending Home Loans, you  know exactly who you're working with and exactly where they are.  Legacy Lending is an ancillary company of PARKS, so there are representatives conveniently located in our offices.  How important is that?  It's immeasurable when you consider what's riding on the line... your home purchase.  Not only do you receive an incredible mortgage service, but Legacy is right here for when we need questions answered NOW to ensure you don't lose that home to another buyer.

Let me connect you with Legacy Lending.  Their information is here, but I am more than happy to do the initial contact and have them reach out to you.  CLICK HERE to have me connect you with Legacy Lending or contact Lottie directly and tell her that Shaun sent you.



Legacy Home Loans, LLC Equal Housing Lender.  Some products may not be available in all states.  Credit and collateral are subject to approval.  Certain terms & conditions apply.  This is not a commitment to lend.  Legacy Home Loans, LLC and Bob Parks Realty, LLC are separate entities, each is independently responsible for its products, services, and incentives.