Whether you're new to investing in real estate, or have just had your curiosity piqued, it can be an extremely exciting journey as the options have expanded as traditional models and how people live have evolved.  When real estate investment comes to mind in the traditional sense, it probably conjures thoughts of purchasing a lower-end home, finding a tenant, and collect rent.  That hardly represents the options and excitement available in the market though.

New Construction

Unless someone is actually a builder or a direct relative to a builder, this option is probably less known to them.  It's a fact that new construction requires substantial investment no matter if it's a one-million dollar home or a hundred-million dollar high-rise.  Construction companies (residential & commercial) like to keep a flow of projects, so the funding needs to also flow.  There are opportunities for investors to fund the construction costs for the duration of the build and sale, and then share in the reward upon the sale of the completed property.  If investing in new homes being built, reach out to Shaun.  As the owner of FACCIO Construction, there are opportunities for investors to fund home builds, and share in the rewards.  CONTACT SHAUN


Beach Homes

With Middle Tennessee being in proximity to easily accessible beaches in the Panhandle of Florida, investing in beach homes is quite common for residents of Tennessee.  Such areas include Destin, Fort Walton, Panama City Beach, and the pristine beaches of 30A.  This structure allows owners to enjoy their home during times of the year while opening it up to tenants the remainder of the year as a revenue stream.  Shaun is not only a broker in Middle TN, but is also a broker in Florida and can help you with your purchase/sale as well as connect you with incredible sources to help manage your beach home.  CONTACT SHAUN


Buy, Hold, Rent

This is the more traditional "investment" in real estate that people think of first.  This includes the purchase of property (residential or commercial) and then finding tenants (short or long term).  Through this process, the owner generates a revenue stream during the ownership period while also taking advantage of positive property value appreciation over time which they receive upon sale.  The options in this arena include single family homes, condos/townhomes, and commercial buildings/condos.  CONTACT SHAUN


Remodeling (aka flipping)

This has been a long-time method of investing, but has become ever-popular with all the television shows in the last number of years.  While the shows usually portray an unrealistic approach to it all, it is a viable model and performed in most markets where there is significant demand for housing.  It is based on securing a property at a price that fits the investment model.  The subject property will have been reviewed for the most profit-generating aspects that can be improved and a value placed on those improvements and combined with market data to establish projected selling price when the project is complete.  All properties can be "fixed up", but that does not make them prime candidates for this investment model.  CONTACT SHAUN



This is usually for the long-term investor/speculator who is looking to park capital through the purchase of land that they believe has a higher-than-normal future appreciation.  This can be established through studying growth patterns of an area, knowledge of specific land needs, along with other data that may indicate why certain types of property may be in demand in the future.  This is usually a long-term approach.  CONTACT SHAUN