Real Estate Broker in TN & FL / Owner of FACCIO Construction


The real estate market in Middle Tennessee including Nashville, Franklin, Brentwood and the surrounding cities is always exciting and Shaun is proud to be helping families with their homes.  As a professional REALTOR & Broker in Tennessee and Florida, he encourages you to contact him about how he can accomplish your goals in moving up, moving down, relocating, and possibly considering the adventure of new construction.

It's no secret that real estate transactions can include major life changes. Shaun understands that and embraces the chance to help make it efficient for you. Being a Broker with PARKS in Tennessee as well as a Broker with Live30A in Florida, Shaun also respects that it's always the client's goal that is priority number one. As a resident of Middle Tennessee for 30 years and a member of three REALTOR associations (Williamson County, Tennessee State, National) in TN and two more in Florida, Shaun is familiar with the tremendous real estate opportunities that are available and he puts that knowledge to work for all his clients.

Applying his degree in Computer Science and Business Administration earned from studies at Mississippi College, Louisiana Tech University, and University of Southern Mississippi, Shaun has founded and grown a series of successful companies in the imaging and e-commerce industries. This experience has established a solid foundation for mastering the meticulous nature of business that allows him to efficiently provide positive results on a personal level to his real estate clients.

To say that Shaun is passionate about goals is an understatement. Big or small, if it's worth doing, it's worth doing right. Shaun extends that passion to his clients by providing them an experience that is efficient and rewarding.

If you're visiting us here online, you're most likely in some type of transition or investment involving buying or selling of real estate and possibly interested in building a new home. Shaun encourages and invites you to discuss your plans with him early in the process which will make it all more efficient for you.

  • REALTOR & Broker in Tennessee & Florida
  • General Contractor & Owner of FACCIO Construction
  • Resident of Middle Tennessee for 30 years
  • Personally has gone through the home building process several times, so he knows it from the buyer's position
  • Member of the Williamson County Association of Realtors
  • Member of the Tennessee Association of Realtors
  • Member of the National Association of Realtors
  • Certified Residential Construction Specialist
  • B.S. in Computer Science & Business Administration
  • Founder of several successful companies in the e-commerce and imaging industries
  • Served as President and Vice President of HOA
  • Serves on multiple Architectural Review Committees 


In addition to working in real estate and construction, Shaun is also passionate about leisure activities including:

  • Having fun with his family as they journey through life
  • Boating on local lakes including wakeboarding & kneeboarding
  • Playing hockey and coaching others on an individual basis
  • Camping, fishing, and hiking with family
  • Sharing his confections with others
  • Coaching others on their business endeavors