Everyone loves home showing days when the temps are just right, the sky is blue, and there's not a cloud in the sky, but what about all those other days when those conditions are not the case.  Let's take rain for example.  The day is overcast - not dangerous storms - and home showings are on the schedule.  Is it a good day to see homes?  Well, maybe.  While we all enjoy what we consider beautiful days, the not-so-beautiful days can be helpful too.  One of the major issues an inspector looks for on a home is if it has issues with water.  Those are usually related whether water properly drains away from a home, and if a home takes on water from any flooding or rising of water levels.  Well, what better time to see that then when it's been raining.  So, yes, seeing homes in the rain can be very beneficial.  Sure, it's an inconvenience navigating from car to home each time, but buyers get to see how well each lot drains and that may help with the decision if each home is a potential candidate for purchasing.