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June 30, 2022

Aggregate or Concrete for your home's hardscapes

What type of material are you using for your driveways and sidewalks. Each type has their advantages.  Sometimes one is required by the community. Ever wonder how exposed aggregate is done?

Exposed Aggregate or Concrete

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April 2, 2016

Water Heater Tank Basics

Most of us have grown up with a traditional water heating tank in our home.  It may have been installed in the garage, storage room, and maybe even in the attic in some regions.  Although we all have them, many people are unaware of how they work, so I want ...

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March 26, 2016

Name Those Basic Home Components

With so many home components and trends, it can be tricky to keep up with them all.  Working with home buyers, I get to talk with a lot of people searching for homes and/or visiting open houses and I'm always happy to answer any question no matter how ...

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March 5, 2014

Home Buying With A Garage

Include The Garage In Your Home Search

GaragesWhen it comes to home shopping, it's easy to concentrate on the most common aspects of a home such as the number of bedrooms & bathrooms, the home's finishes, and the kitchen and appliances.  What's somewhat easy to overlook ...

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March 3, 2014

What is a Coffered Ceiling?

Coffered Ceilings - What are they?

In construction, a "coffer" refers to a sunken panel, so a coffered ceiling is a design that incorporates a series of these panels.  The most common shapes for coffers are square, octagon, diamond, and occasionally you'll see unique shapes that don't adhere ...

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March 2, 2014

What is a Circulating Hot Water System?

How long do you have to wait for hot water?

Let's do a quick run-down of how a traditional water tank heating system works.  Cold water is fed into your tank from your supplier (city supply or well).  Inside the water tank are some heating elements that ...

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March 1, 2014

Tankless Water Heaters vs Traditional Tank

Deciding Between Tankless and Tank Hot Water Systems

You're about to go into the new construction phase, or perhaps your tank has tanked and you're checking out your options.  Maybe you're rennovating and hot water supply is on the list.  You've heard tidbits of ...

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