All of us have a different focus when home shopping.  Some buyers nearly ignore the garage area while others focus on it.  No matter which group you're in, there are a few things to check so that once you've purchased a home you don't discover that the garage does not meet your needs.  Important aspects include:

  • Even though several garages are listed to hold "x" number of cars, that does not mean the overall dimensions of those garages are the same. 
  • A garage that has steps to it may provide some additional square footage that could be used for storage (if the steps result in that width being carried across the entire garage)
  • Both 1 and 2 car garage doors come in different sizes of up to 1-2 feet difference in width which also can be an indicator of space between cars.
  • For garages with posts separating doors, check the sizing on those to determine if you are gaining some extra garage width in those areas.
  • Look for mechanicals in the garage such as water heaters that may interrupt your use of the garage compared to another.

Check out the video for additional information about garages that will help you as you shop for a home or plan to build one.  For any questions, please contact me and I'll be happy to help!