Have you ever witnessed something so positive that it nearly left you speechless? Well, that's about how watching July 4th fireworks in Nashville, TN goes.  Many years ago, Nashville made a deliberate decision to up their game for July 4th, and they were without a doubt successful and that mission has only strengthened over the years.  "Fireworks" has evolved into a multi-day party experience on 1st Avenue and Broadway with fun, food, and music everywhere.  When it comes time for the show and you're standing on 1st Avenue, seeing and hearing that first shell pop into the air raises your adrenaline, and you're on a ride for about 30 minutes of pure awesomeness.  All your senses are the ride.  You see it, you hear it, and you feel it.  Those shells pop, the sound bounces off 1st Ave buildings and you're in a full-on experience which you'll remember forever.  I guarantee it, so if you've never been... put it on your calendar.

Here's a video from News 2 to show you the absolute excess of multi-firing of shells that is unbelievable.  Keep in mind this is from a distance, but the live show is only across the river from the launch site so viewers are in the ultimate viewing position.

This is about 30 minutes long.  If you can't watch it all, be sure to see from about the 25-minute mark forward when they really turn up the madness.  Enjoy!